Jewish footprints in Trondheim – Guided Tour

Where did the first Jews in Trondheim come from?
Whereabouts was the secret synagogue during the Second World War?
Who ran the shops situated in the same places as Platekompaniet and 7-Eleven in the centre of town for many years?

Join us on a historical journey through Midtbyen of Trondheim. Over the course of two hours, the guide will lead the pupils around central points in the city where Jewish families from Trondheim lived and worked. Through the guided tour, the pupils will get to know the Jewish history of the city, from when the Jews migrated to Norway in around 1880, through to the Second World War and up to the present day.

The guide will have objects such as photographs and letters which belonged to the people who lived at the different addresses along the tour route. The tour gives the pupils an opportunity to reflect on ethical questions linked to human worth and attitudes, in addition to questions about how it is to be a refugee and immigrant in Norway in today’s society.

For years 9 and 10 in Trondheim, this is offered through the cultural initiative Den Kulturelle Skolesekken.